Written in the stars. Can astrology play a part in your success?

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Join Katie as she chats with Natalie Holbrook, astrologer, spiritual coach and Psych-K® facilitator as the two discuss how your business (and life) success might very well be guided by the stars. 

In this episode, Natalie will teach you how to read, understand and implement your birth chart into your business and day-to-day routine, plus walk you through how Psych-K® can help you integrate those learnings. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Learning about Natalie’s journey from party girl and working through an eating disorder to becoming an aligned spiritual coach
  • Understanding how to read your birth chart to understand how it impacts your business, day-to-day and the most aligned way for you make money
  • Working on your relationship with money
  • What Psych-K® is and what it does for you

About Natalie 

Natalie Holbrook is an Astrologer, spiritual coach and Psych-K® facilitator , a method that bridges the subconscious and conscious minds to liberate individuals from their blockages to live in freedom, empowerment and abundance. Natalie is an Astrology teacher and launching her course the Cosmic Earth School of Astrology this September. She works with clients individually and in group programs to discover their unique soul purpose and embody their healthiest and highest selves. Natalie fuses her passion for the Cosmos with the natural medicines of the Earth in all of her customized offerings. 

Things to remember:

Connect with Natalie

About The Cosmic Earth School of Astrology

The Cosmic Earth School of Astrology is a virtual, live, 10-week course created by Astrologer and Spiritual Coach Natalie Holbrook. The school adheres to the famous mantra, As Above, So Below, and acts as a bridge between the Cosmos and their eternal guidance with the path of our majestic and flourishing time here on Earth. The school connects you deeper with your soul, your purpose and through learning the language of the stars, encourages confidence in your path and compassion for yourselves, others and your ever-unfolding journey. Natalie not only guides you to understand your unique Cosmic Blueprint, but integrates methods to reprogram your brain with the transformational process of Psych-K, a technique used to rewire your subconscious mind, liberate you from negative patterns, and empower you to dance with clarity and joy in your soul’s purpose. Class begins on the Fall Equinox, Wednesday, September 22. 

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