Wealthy Women: How Megan Wessels helping to create more women-owned, million dollar businesses

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Join Katie and her Powerful Partner, Megan Wessels, as the two chat about the current landscape and uneven divide between men and womxn when it comes to owners of million dollar businesses. 

In the episode Megan shares the community and program she’s created to resource, connect and empower to help women scale their businesses to whatever level they have their eyes set on, regardless of their starting point. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • How Megan helps women figure out what their next steps in this business are and how to make consistent revenue
  • The data behind the entrepreneurial wealth divide and what Megan’s doing to even the playing field
  • Imposter syndrome and how unfortunately it follows entrepreneurs regardless of their income level
  • The money affirmation and mindset work that Megan uses daily to help reprogram her money and entrepreneurial stories she tells herself
  • The correlation between our own revenue goals and the positive impact it allows us to make

About Megan

Megan Wessels is the founder of Powerful Partners, an exclusive membership for ambitious womxn entrepreneurs who are tired of fluffy women-empowerment talk and ready to work ON their business.  Her personal mission is to increase the number of million-dollar businesses that are womxn-owned.  The Powerful Partners Forum provides  peer accountability and support combined with traction tools and expert advice for business growth.

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