Turning your hEFTy dreams into reality with Haley Hoffman Smith

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On today’s episode, we connect with speaker and spirituality coach, Haley Hoffman Smith. You may know Haley from her aspirational videos on TikTok or Instagram, but on the podcast she breaks down the real-world steps she took to build her “pipe dream” life. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Why people sometimes think their dreams are unrealistic
  • How to work through your “pipe dreams” to make them your reality
  • Haley’s process to go from unhappy, living in Denver to living her dream life in Manhattan 
  • The science behind EFT and how you can start to incorporate it into your life as well
  • How she works with affirmations to reprogram her brain 

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

About Haley

Haley Hoffman Smith is a professional speaker and spirituality coach who was recently named one of today’s most influential speakers by Forbes. With a TikTok community of over 315K+ strong, she is passionate about helping others bring their ‘pipe dreams’ to reality and achieve subconscious breakthroughs for their biggest manifestations. She hosts a podcast on manifestation and motivation called Big Conversations and graduated from Brown University in 2018.

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