The unglamorous truths to building a business (& coming out the other side)

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Join us for a humbling hero’s journey from sleeping in a gym to building something that turns a 7-figure profit. 

That’s right, today we have the owner of Scorch Fitness, Liz Lowe, to talk about the unglamourous truths that come with building a business. In this episode Liz shares how she built a brick-and-mortar business and sharpened her “suck it up” approach to the growing pain. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • The mindset shifts Liz made to help her enjoy the process more, both in her workouts and business
  • An honest look at the numbers behind her first 6-figure year
  • How she believes that it was the consistency in the monotonous things that helped bring Scorch to where it is today
  • Removing the emotion from business, even when you have an emotional business
  • Navigating fundraising, partners and buy-outs

About Liz

Liz is the founder of Scorch Fitness in Sarasota, Florida; and the co-founder of  Scorch On Demand workout app and Scorch Community- a 501(c)(3) non-profit. 

Liz’s lifelong mission and passion is to show that by becoming physically stronger can become stronger in all other areas of your life.

Connect with Liz: 

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