The dos and dont’s of creating a profitable podcast

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If there’s one thing that you should take away from today’s episode it’s that it’s not too late to start a profitable podcast. Join Melissa Guller of Wit & Wire as she shares her journey and tips from creating both personal podcasts, as well as the podcasts behind major brands like Teachable. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • What to think about when starting a podcast so you break through the noise
  • Analytics to pay attention to and how growth doesn’t necessarily look linear in the podcasting
  • How Melissa grew her podcast and the techniques you can use as well
  • How to monetize your podcast without a massive audience (and without sponsors) 
  • How to use a podcast to enrich the customer journey and warm prospects towards clients

About Melissa

Melissa Guller is a course creator, podcast producer, and the CEO of Wit & Wire, where she helps online business owners build their authority and reach a wider audience through podcasting. She’s produced multiple Top 50 podcasts, hosted over 100 podcast episodes, and her podcast Everything is Teachable topped the charts as the #2 Career Podcast in America. To date, she’s helped nearly 2,000 podcasters through her Wit & Wire programs, and she’s on a mission to help more diverse business owners earn money online doing work they love.

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