Taking (in)action and how it leads to your most creative ideas

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Today we’re joined by award-winning authorpreneur, Jinny Uppal, of “In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results” as she talks about her research into the creative impact that comes from taking a break.

Like most of us, the pandemic forced a self-reckoning on Jinnny which led to a realization that throughout her life, before every big pivot came an invisible moment of pause and reflection. So as she went out to answer the question of “What drives fabulous progress” the obvious answer was the downtime in between. 

And that’s what led her down this rabbit hole and journey. Her book is backed by historical anecdotes, neuroscience and interviews with top businessmen to show that while the concept feels extremely counterintuitive, it’s this strategic inaction that leads to creative ideas and the renewed vigor to implement them. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Know when to act and when to take a moment for strategic inaction
  • The benefits to & why to prioritize rest and inaction
  • The difference between inaction and laziness 
  • Why we have to give ourselves permission to pause first before we can expect it from others
  • How to identify the signs of when it’s time to strategically pause
  • The neuroscience that explains why taking breaks is imperative to connect all the information we’re constantly taking in 
  • The small steps you can take today to get into the habit of strategic inaction, or intermittent breaks, in your day-to-day 

About Jinny

Jinny Uppal is no stranger to driving contrary and innovative thinking. Uppal’s 20+ years of experience driving transformational growth by challenging existing norms in business is key to her success working with Fortune 500 telecom,  ecommerce and retail companies. As a business and tech growth strategist, board advisor and thought leader, she continues to pave innovative paths to progress and success. Most recently, she was Vice President of Strategy at a $12B North American retailer.

Uppal grew up in Mumbai and is a graduate of Florida International University and Harvard Business School. She has been a practitioner of Vedic and Buddhist meditation and breathwork since 2008. Her other interests include hiking and horseback riding.

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