Small steps to big gains: A health coach’s approach to big wins (+ intentional loses)

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How does passing out at work turn into a holistic health and weight loss business? Well, that was Eva Rodriguez’ rude awakening that is she didn’t start prioritizing her health, things could get way worse. 

In an effort to make sure she was around and healthy from her son, Eva threw herself into all things health and wellness, becoming a holistic health coach, personal trainer, medication teacher and EFT facilitator.  

And while it’s sometimes hard to see the entrepreneurial lessons outside of the actual business model, Eva reminds us that how you do one thing is how you do everything. 

So join us for today’s episode as we discuss topics such as: 

  • Why growth is genuinely hard and what sustainable steps you can take today to start working towards your goal(s) 
  • Recalibrating after “fails” to figure out how we can do better next time
  • Untying your worth (or lack of worth) from a scenario that didn’t go according to plan
  • Working with your brain to support your efforts, rather than reinforcing the “I can’t” loop
  • Prioritizing your own health and well-being so you can show up for all the important things in your life (including your business) 

About Eva

Eva Rodriguez is a certified Holistic Health & Weight Loss Coach and host of the Uncomplicating Weight Loss podcast. She helps busy, high-achieving women struggling with their weight to finally feel confident in their curves.

Having been there and done that with countless weight loss struggles, Eva knows what it’s like to try your best and not see results, and is now on a mission to encourage and empower her fellow boss ladies by helping them ditch the fads and uncomplicate weight loss!

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