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On this episode we’re joined by award winning business coach and Amazon best seller, Christine Hansen of Christine Means Business as we talk about her take on women building businesses in a BIG way. 

She specializes in helping online entrepreneurs make a big impact on the world, doing so with integrity, and making a ton of money while they’re at it. Plus, one of our favorite parts about the conversation is how she’s thrown out the rulebook when it comes to building your business and really focuses on helping you build your business around what actually works and feels right for you. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Not worrying about the trends and building a business on your own terms, and in a way that works for you
  • Leveraging tools like human design and money mindset to find business practices that help you shine
  • Why it’s your divine right to make a lot of money in your business while helping people
  • Why we can lose the tight grip we place around finding clients and instead shine the light on ourselves to attract the right clients

About Christine

Christine is an award-winning business coach & consultant for online entrepreneurs who want to build profitable businesses on their own terms. She is well known for her tales from the trenches, tell-it-like-it-is strategies, and an almost uncanny ability to help people bust through their blind spots. Christine’s work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider, Vogue, National Geographic, and more.

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