Sales pages 101: How to create something that converts

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On today’s episode, we get a look under the hood at how to create an un-boring sales page from launch copywriter extraordinaire, Dani Paige. In it, we’ll learn her tricks of the trade to create high-converting sales pages, email sequences and launch campaigns.

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • How to create un-boring emails & sales pages
  • How to communicate to your person’s emotional and logical page
  • The breakdown of a strong sales page: what to include where
  • Common sales page struggles and how to fix them

About Dani

Dani helps digital entrepreneurs create the sales, impact and freedom they vision for their business and their lives. 

As a previous professional athlete – her competitive side brings in big wins and shiny results for her clients and members. She’s lifted many business owners past 6-figure launches, and knows that connecting with readers through the words you write is what can truly bring your funnels to new heights.

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