Conscious partnership in business: How these two friends turned their meditation practices into a business

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Just like your favorite houseplant, these two friends realized that there was a special, organic manner between then, that when tended to could grow into something beautiful. 

And that’s how Rooted Beings came to be 🌱

Join friends and founders, Chelsey Scaffidi and Erica Galia as they share their journey to create a meditative collective. 

In this episode, not only will you be treated to a short meditation at the end of the episode, but you’ll also get to hear their story of them turning a friendship into a business, and the conscious partnership and international communication that’s been steeped into every aspect of it. 

As they put it, they show up as humans first, then friends, then business partners. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Conscious partnership in business
  • Becoming moms while running a business 
  • Understanding how your personal practice (whatever that means to you) impacts how you show up in your business
  • How to remove the ego from your business and let your community needs help show you your right next step

About Erica & Chelsey

Erica and Chelsey are the co-founders of Rooted Beings, a nature-based Meditation Collective online community. We are a welcoming, mission-driven meditation collective that seeks to bring the benefits of consciousness into everyday life by offering our signature nature-infused meditation sessions in a variety of formats including, LIVE and on-demand classes as well as digital courses and meditation facilitation certification programs.

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