Pivots and pursuing passions: Strategies to crush your goals and find your joy

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On today’s episode, Katie and Coach Bose’ from Goal and Grind discuss Bose’s approach to finding more joy in life by getting strategic around four key pillars of your life: personal, professional, financial and health. 

In it, Bose’ shares real-world tips to build a life that’s more joyous and find a circle who helps you achieve it. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Determining and charting out how to be successful across the 4 quadrants of your life: personal, professional, financial and health
  • Creating your own “joy bubble” 
  • Bose’s relationship with her mom and how she helped build the woman she is today 
  • How to navigate pivots throughout your life

About Coach Bose’

Coach Bose’ holds space for her clients to dream limitlessly, increase confidence and gain clarity to step into their purpose! She has successfully navigated pivoting her career from nonprofit fundraising to corporate philanthropy at multiple Fortune 500 companies, and brings this strategic mindset into her coaching philosophy.  

Coach Bose’ approaches goal setting rooted in joy and balance by creating goals in 4 key areas – personal, professional, health and financial.  

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