Move over Law of Attraction…Introducing The Rest of The Universal Laws

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What does a dancer’s journey have to do with entrepreneurship, transformation and building the business of your dreams? Turns out, a lot. 

At just 16 years old, Michelle Boulé’s career as a dancer was brought to a screeching halt before it even got a chance to start due to an ankle injury. And while this part of the story has a happy ending (Michelle did go on to become an award-winning contemporary dancer), what she gained from this experience was a deeper understanding of the body and a holistic approach to health and wellness.  

At this time, Michelle was introduced to energy medicine and consciousness, and their impact on the larger story (think: her ankles were just the symptom of something larger going on). And while she initially started working with them to help her body, the practice eventually transitioned into the mind in her quest to more intentionally create money. 

Through the Universal Laws, Michelle’s been able to both uncover her own programming that she was running off of, that was blocking her from what she consciously wanted to achieve, as well as help others do the same. 

Michelle believes that we’re all here to live a life of success and whole potential, and is excited to help show people how they can achieve that for themselves.

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • What the universal laws are…and how basic, but impactful they actually are
  • Understanding what subconscious beliefs we’re operating from and how to shift into more helpful ones
  • Working with our perception to understand what we’re gaining in every situation
  • Getting really clear on your desires to understand how to make them a reality

About Michelle

Michelle Boulé is a Transformational Life and Business Coach, who helps compassionate business owners and creative entrepreneurs all over the world clarify and manifest their visions with more confidence, impact, and alignment towards their truth. She runs a multi-six figure coaching business, offering online group programs, private coaching, speaking, in-person retreats, and teaching. Her work draws from over 20 years of practice in somatic therapies, energy medicine, mindset psychology, spirituality, and her award-winning, international career in dance.

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