Mixing business with pleasure. A real-world look at finding the right business partner.

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Join Katie and founder of Oak Street Social, Johanna Grange, as she reminisces on her and her business partner’s journey to create a boutique social media agency. In it, Johanna shares insight on how she and her business partner have navigated their first 8 years of business, their evolution as partners and how they’ve matured their partnership (and legalities) for their next decades in business. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Going the partnership route, rather than solopreneur 
  • How 2020 and 2021 reshaped the way that Johanna and her partner manage their team (and prioritize their employees’ mental and physical health)
  • Determining the legalities of a partnership
  • How being a digital influencer impacts Johanna’s take on influencer programs
  • What to focus on when creating your social content

About Johanna

Johanna Grange discovered her passion for digital media and branding after graduating from the University of Iowa with a Broadcast Journalism degree in 2000. 14 years of marketing experience in both the ad world and the digital space empowered her to nurture relationships in the spa + wellness sector as well as the restaurant and lifestyle brand markets. She approaches each partnership with a consultative approach empowering her clients to be a part of the process. Johanna believes that relationships are fundamentally built on honest feedback and real chemistry. It’s the close-knit network of clients turned friends that encouraged her to turn her freelance projects into a full blown social media boutique firm alongside her partner.

About Oak Street Social

Oak Street Social is a boutique social media marketing firm dedicated to elevating unique brands into household names. From brand consulting to copywriting to social media management & campaign development – we are devoted to connecting and creating a community for both big and small brands. We’ve never met a hashtag we didn’t like. Our goal: empower consumers to start talking about you!

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