Marketing Strategy 101: Marketing = Mindset + Connection

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On today’s episode we’re joined by Katrina Aronson to discuss the simple tips she uses to level up both your marketing and business. All of her techniques are designed to be easy, work for you and create more meaningful connections with your (prospective) clients. 

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • How mindset impacts your marketing
  • How to simplify your marketing so you feel good about showing up as yourself consistently
  • How to craft your one-liner to attract the right people to you
  • Katrina’s simple, 15-minute tip to get started today

About Katrina

Katrina Aronson is a business coach with a major marketing twist. She works with entrepreneurs who are the face of their brands and businesses to help them to get their brands seen without expensive ads or a big team.

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