Listen up: Kristian Gist’s mission to share black-owned & woman-owned businesses’ stories

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Join one of the pod’s real life besties, Kristian Gist of Kristian Gist Creative, as we go deep and not just discuss the ins and outs of building a business, but also Kristian’s intentionality behind building a business that services black-owned and women-owned businesses.

In a world that so often tells women they can’t – and especially women of color – Kristian opens up about where her gumption comes from and how she’s instilling the lessons she’s learned from her business as she raises her son. 

This episode definitely tackles topics beyond building a business, but will leave you feeling like you can take on the world!

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Building a business around your strengths and weaknesses (and the value of hiring out for your weaknesses) 
  • How going to an all girls school impacted the type of woman and business builder Kristian wanted to be 
  • The spiritual journey that comes along with building a business
  • Raising the next generation to truly see women as the powerful equals we are

About Kristian

Kristian Gist is the founder of Kristian Gist Creative, a creative agency focused on telling the stories of Black-owned and Woman-owned businesses. Always a writer, Kristian’s whirlwind career led her through sales, higher education, strategy, and sales again when she found her real joy in helping friends and people in their network come up with creative launch strategies for their entrepreneurial efforts. With a new baby and a pandemic raging all around her, Kristian took the leap to found KGC and the rest is history. Her work spans several continents and she’s built brands now valued at over $100 million. 

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