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Today we’re joined by a momma who might literally have been born into the wrong place and time. Join us as we talk to Urban Bloom Boutique’s creator, Amela Shabich, about her journey to create a podcast-focused PR agency in a country where people don’t really know about, let alone listen to podcasts. 

In the episode, Amela shares the power that podcast guesting has to help build your authority and credibility, as well as her free resources to both master your podcast pitch and how to be a great podcast guest. 

Beyond that, Amela shares her own journey to create her agency all the way from Bosnia, despite predominately serving American and Australian clients.  

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Leveraging podcast and podcast guesting to build your authority and brand
  • Creating your clear goals before starting a podcast or becoming a podcast guest
  • How to find and pitch the right podcasts to guest on
  • Her unique take to understanding what constitutes as success 

About Amela

Amela is a philanthropist and a serial entrepreneur, starting her PR business from scratch with three kids at home in the middle of the pandemic. 

Her passion for PR and the need to help other people, resulted in her starting her own PR boutique agency. Through podcast guesting as the main focus of her elite PR boutique agency, she helps coaches and authors share their story, building their authority, brand awareness while organically growing their audience and their business.

Her mission is to be the person who made the introduction to the two people who change worlds.

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