Haut girl summer. Why we’re the conversations around our bodies, fitness and business.

Over the “hot girl summer” ideology as well? Awesome. Then this episode’s for you. 

Join us on this week’s episode as we talk to the powerhouse business owner and Digitally Enhanced client, Lisa Corsello, of Burn by LC. 

You’re going to want to tune into th episode if you’re into creating a business and community on your own terms, you believe that a great workout helps you show up stronger throughout all aspects of your life, your a mompreneur and/or you’re rethinking your business model and want to hear from other entrepreneurs about how they navigated it. 

Topics discussed on this week’s episode include:

  • Levering movement as medicine, both inside and out of your business
  • Breaking the norms in your industry when you disagree with them (*cough cough* hot girl summer…)
  • The shifts and lessons learned from pivoting your business model during COVID
  • Motherhood and business

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