Fun time gal: How having fun can be the biggest ROI to living your dreams

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And in a first on EntrepreneurShift…this one resulted in some ugly tears, microphone muting and an awkwardly long pause. 

Today we’re being real humans and feeling all the feelings thanks to Vasavi Kumar, who reminds us that who we are outside of our business is what makes our business truly shine. 

Join Vasavi and I as she digs deep into why we have to start using plain and simple fun as an ROI. She reminds us to lean into all the feelings – both easy and the more uncomfortable ones – and how in doing so, we’re actually able to live a richer life, build a more fulfilling business, cultivate more self-trust and acceptance in ourselves, and get much more efficient in our decision making. 

Plus, in a twist of faith, this episode airs on 2/22/22, which for anyone who’s into angel numbers is an incredible reminder to have faith in your decisions and not give up. (Credit to

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • The value of investing your time and energy into all the things outside of your business  
  • Learning to accept your vulnerability and allowing yourself to connect with people through it 
  • Vasavi’s practice to help you understand you deepest, truest, most authentic self and how to bring that energy into your life and business
  • Getting more in tune with your body and how you can use that to make decisions in 20 minutes or less
  • Shadow work and reparenting 

About Vasavi

Through her communication training, consulting, and programs, Vasavi helps her clients which include entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, and celebrities to be more comfortable, confident, and in control during media interviews, telepresentations, and interpersonal communication so they can show up confidently. 

As a first-generation Indian immigrant she made her parents proud by going to Columbia University to receive her (second) Masters in Social Work. 

As an on-camera personality, actress, and comedian, she brings out the uniqueness in each of her clients so that they go from self-conscious to self-expressed, on and off the camera.

Connect with Vasavi: 

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