From the poverty line to finding her purpose

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How did a teen mom living on the poverty line go from a life destined to mediocrity to building wildly successful businesses working with celebrities and nobility such as Meghan Markle?

As Jessica Huie puts it, it’s all thanks to a few angels and divine ideas that just *popped* into her head. 

Fast forward and Jessica’s been able to create many successful businesses that highlight diversity, help people find and showcase what makes them them, and ultimately helps them find their purpose. 

As Jessica reflects in this episode, ambition is great, but it’s her mission to help people understand what’s fueling their ambition to ensure that they create a life they actually love. (And it’s a little bit of the courage to rewrite the plan as you go along that’ll keep you enjoying it.)

So tune into this episode if you’re ready to be inspired and start your own reflection journey to help untap what makes you so special and how to leverage that in building your business. 

In this episode we’ll dive into: 

  • Uncovering your own hero’s journey and folding it into your marketing and messaging to better connect with your prospective clients
  • Tapping into your special sauce so you can better connect with your prospective clients
  • Getting comfortable rewriting plans as you’re going through them
  • Finding your purpose and holding it at the center of everything you do

About Jessica

Jessica is the author of Purpose: Find Your Truth and Embrace Your Calling, a book in which she shares her journey to finding purpose. 

The book has sold millions of copies and has been featured on leading media outlets, including BBC News, CNN, Forbes, and The Sunday Times.

In 2014, Jessica was honored with a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for entrepreneurship and her contribution to diversity by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. 

She has been called one of Britain’s most inspiring entrepreneurs and one of the UK’s most influential women.

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