From false starts to 7-figures…and the RICHuals that got her there

On this episode we connect with Ruby Lee, creator of RICHuals to discuss her journey from creating products that made zero sales to building a 7-figure business within 3 years. In it, she shares the physical and mindset shifts she made to lose the desperation, overcome her obstacles and now help other entrepreneurs do the same.

Ruby Lee is a 7 figure intuitive business coach guiding spirit led entrepreneurs to grow & earn authentically in their coaching practice online. 3 years ago she left her corporate job as a tech start up recruiter and today leads a freedom based lifestyle, travelling through Australia with her young family in tow.

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Entrepreneur’s who’ve build a nomadic lifestyle 
  • Success stories that started out as a “flop”
  • Honest conversations about having to go back to get a job or sell personal items just to keep going  

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