Dropping the expectations and living for yourself: Advice from a career coach

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Ready for a harsh realization? Think back on the things you’re doing…how many of them are done as a way to prove your worth or feel like you’re good enough?

When today’s guest, Sara Young Wang, dropped this bomb it hit home. 

Because she’s not alone in this. Because, in fact, that’s a pretty common practice most of us subconsciously subscribe to. 

But in today’s episode of EntreprenerShift, she discusses the practices she uses to unprogram and decondition from both the societal and inner pressure that was put on her to achieve in a specific way and build a business she actually enjoys. 

Topics discussed on this week’s episode include:

  • How an autoimmune disease helped Sara realize what she did and didn’t want to do in her life moving forward
  • Sara’s transition from her prestigious schools and jobs that looked good, but never felt good, to building a business that works for her
  • Teachers, tips and tools she uses to continually check in and make sure that her business is still working for her

About Sara: 

Sara is a career coach focused on helping people find fulfillment in their work. Sara will help you learn how to deeply listen to you to get clarity on what you want and take action toward it. She works intimately with individuals across the world in one-on-one coaching and writes about the inner struggles of career navigation for her own blog and various outlets. 

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