Dating Around. Building A Business You Love With Advice From A Dating Coach‪.‬

On today’s episode of EntrepreneurShift, Katie is joined by dating coach, Gabby Valdes as she shares her advice on filtering out bad fits and investing in the clients/dates that are actually a good for you long-term.

Gabby and Katie discuss the parallels between business and dating, and the central theme that creating real connection and success in both worlds start with YOU.

Gabby Valdes is a dating coach for ambitious yet empathetic women who struggle to find love because they’re stuck dating people who ghost, pull away, or end things suddenly. Her clients are frustrated because they aren’t attracted to people who want the same things as them. Instead, they invest too much time in people who avoid commitment. Gabby helps them become attracted to people who want a long-term relationship so they can confidently choose the right person to build a happy and secure life with.

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