Breathe easy: How to ground down and power up with breathwork coach, Nicole Miller

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This episode is unlike most EntrepreneurShift episodes you’ve heard of because on this episode we go DEEP into the various facets that impact each of us as we show up in the world. On this episode we’re joined by good friend, Nicole H. Miller as she shares her evolution from health and fitness into the deeper work of mind, body and spirit, as well as the impact she wants to make on the world.

Join as as we go into deeper topics such as how being a woman of color has impacted Nicole’s life work and purpose, what trauma is and ways we can start to work through it, Nicole’s through line of using her body to continue to evolve into the next version of herself and more.

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Racial equity and Nicole’s commitment to empowering women of color
  • Balancing a corporate career, coaching business and a platform designed to help us towards a more equitable, just and inclusive society (RACEMVMT)
  • How you can use your body and breath to work through things
  • Redefining trauma and having the tools to work through it
  • The impact of breathwork, what you can use it for and how to get started

About Nicole

Nicole is a proud woman of color who in early 2020 felt more inspired and required than ever before to use her platform, voice, and experiences to shed light on suppressed, but very prevalent aspects of her own life.

As a movement instructor, certified breathwork facilitator, and founder of Racemvmt, a racial equity platform, Nicole infuses these modalities to cultivate a more equitable and conscious collective. Through her own healing and awakening journey, she has found the breath is a path for moving energy in the human body, allowing tender hearts to release and receive healing so inner wisdom, knowing and deep reconnection can flow through.

Nicole believes that your mind, body, and soul are meant to be taken care of. Allow yourself to expand, connect and experience the transformative magic that happens when we do our Breathwork and embodiment practices to step into our power and highest, most connected self.

Nicole’s journey into wellness and diversity inclusion began with an adventurous spirit and an insatiable desire to connect- physically/mental/emotionally to self and those around her. Her fearless spirit allowed her to cultivate relationships in several circles and understand more thoroughly the impact and benefits of mindful movement. Through coaching and training, she’s found immense joy in empowering clients to find their strength and confidence to reach beyond their comfort zone. The time is now to do the work in creating sustainable transformation within our communities for our future generations.

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