Better with age: How this entrepreneur proves that both clothing and her business get better with years

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Join Katie and one of her good friends, Alexandra “Allie” Sautter of Galore Consignment as she shares her decade-long journey to create an online and brick and mortar consignment business. 

In the episode we chat about the crafty ways she’s created her network and how that’s helped scale her business from side hustle to full-time gig!

Tune into this episode if you’re interested in: 

  • Allie’s decade-long entrepreneurial journey and the balance she had to have while building up her business while working a full-time job
  • How Allie knew when it was time for her to quit her 9-5 or go full-force in her own business
  • How Allie leveraged her fashion bloggers and style influencers to build up her consignment business
  • Allie’s top tips she used to scale her business

About Alexandra

Alexandra has over a decade of experience in online resale from haute couture to household curio. Her love of fashion developed as she accompanied her mother on weekend antique store and flea market excursions where she scouted vintage clothing for her own collection. When she combined her love for fashion and a niche for selling items online, she opened her independent eBay store Treasures Galore To Your Door. 

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